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Mary Reads Books: Grrrls on the Side

Rating: 3.5/5 Stand out quote: “While waiting in line for the movies, we stand as close as we dare without being noticed. We go shopping together and make out in the Sears dressing room with discarded jeans and dresses at our feet. We giggle until our faces ache. We discover our bodies and our hearts.…

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Events around the QC

U.N. orders ceasefire in eastern Ghouta

With thousands dead, the United Nations is trying to allow time for humanitarian aid.

'The Post' Review

Rating: 5/5

President passes deal, funds government for six weeks

Taliban ambulance bomb kills 95, injures 158

USA Gymnastics at fault for doctor’s abuse?

Former Team USA doctor sentenced to a minimum of 40 years in prison. Trigger warning for discussion of sexual abuse.

Egypt terror attack

Militants bomb mosque, killing 235 civilians.

Immigration detains child with cerebral palsy

Sexual Assault: From Hollywood to universities