SAU Buzz

President passes deal, funds government for six weeks

Recent Car Thefts Put Ambrose Students at Risk

Education, Respect and Pronouns

A discussion of LGBTQIA mental healthcare rights and a story of a transgender woman’s lived experience brought human rights into perspective

Beeswax: Kiley Schmidt

Kiley Schmidt is SAU's new Student Employment Coordinator

Curtains Closed on Another Successful Theatre Competition

St. Ambrose students participated in the week-long Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival and drove away with many honors

Taliban ambulance bomb kills 95, injures 158

Net Neutrality

The FCC introduces motion to roll back net neutrality

Egypt terror attack

Militants bomb mosque, killing 235 civilians.

Schneider A hosts fantastic friends

The students of Schneider A hosted Gigi’s Playhouse’s Fantastic Friends Program for a night of fun this past weekend.

Trump campaign members investigated for Russian connections