SAU Buzz

Hats to the Rescue

The St. Ambrose University Love Your Melon Campus Crew celebrated their first ever donation event, Friday April 17, at the University of Iowa Children's hospital.

The student, the budget and the wardrobe: My Favorite Fashion

As the school year is coming to an end I can’t help but smile. St. Ambrose has been such a wonderful place and opportunity these past four years.

Korean Dance: A storytelling artform

Seven women stand in a single line, unmoving. Dressed in silk dresses of yellow and red with their hair pulled back into a bun and covered with a ribbon, the seven women are uniform in appearance. Surrounding each woman are three drums suspended from wooden frames.

Quality is key at local coffee shop

The world is becoming overpopulated with fast-food coffee menus and convenience store carafes left on the burner for hours at a time. Redband Coffee, however, is a brew unlike the rest.

BEESWAX: Robin Anderson, Professor of Psychology

After her grandmother’s death in 2004, a devastated Robin Anderson found herself finally picking up her grandmother’s beloved knitting needles.

SAU librarian connects campus to the world

In an age that allows the whole world to connect through technology, institutions do not need to wait for people to come to them. The St. Ambrose library is no exception.

New exec. board, new Dance Marathon

overwhelming number of applicants, but only ten positions available for the executive board.

Quad to remain the same for Last Blast

Dean Phillips has spoken. The townhouse quad will remain open to students of all ages on Last Blast.

Platt and Crew barely squeeze out a win

The votes have arrived. And it’s Platt and Crew for the 2015-2016 school year.

Students learn to negiotate their future salaries

Graduation is quickly approaching for St. Ambrose seniors. The number one thing on many of their minds is landing that first job.