SAU Buzz

A New “Chosen Name” Policy Comes to SAU

St. Ambrose announced a new chosen name policy which will change the way professors and students communicate and address one another

Housing Forum Answers Important Questions

Beeswax: Nick Enz

Free Wi-Fi: Accessing more than just the internet

Why you should never connect to an unsecured network which leaves you vulnerable to cyber attack.

New Music on The Stinger in 2018

Fighting Cancer and Playing Basketball Like a Flynn

The St. Ambrose community is rallying around a sophomore football player recently diagnosed with Stage IV Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

What’s Culture Shock, and Why Is It Important?

The 2018 Winter Games Feature a Futuristic Kickoff

South Korean capital PyeongChang opens its inaugural Olympics with a futuristic show two and a half years in the making

Dancing for the Title

Visiting Scholar Discusses the Economic Impact of Environmental Revolution

Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellow Jeffrey Ball discusses how the concept of renewable energy is revolutionizing the environment and the global economy