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Settle into September’s songs

by Eva Latz
Posted on Sep 13, 2019

Back to school also means new music to help you get pumped for the school year. The end of the summer brought new tunes for all kinds of listeners. Here are the most popular albums that are ringing from the summer: 

Pop: "Lover" // Taylor Swift

She's back! After about a year and a half, Swift has released her seventh studio album. This album was released August 23, 2019, and has already made its way to the top in the Billboard 200. 

One of the most popular songs off this album is "Lover." This song begins with very slow percussion before Swift quickly enters. Due to this soft, deep percussion, she is able to show off her vocals during the beginning of the song. 

The rest of this song remains the same to highlight Swift's vocals on top of a mellow background. Swift effortlessly made this song mellow with a pop ring to it. 

The next most popular song off this album is "You Need To Calm Down." This song has been ubiquitous on the radio and is still gaining more listeners on streaming sites. This song exemplifies what Swift's pop era is. 

The beginning of this song quickly enters with upbeat snaps and bass. While the first verse is upbeat, it doesn't overpower Swift's vocals. Then, the song picks up during the chorus. 

Overall, this is a great album to get into if you want something laid back but still with an emphasis on pop. 


Alternative: "What's That Left Over There? EP" // Circa Waves

Circa Waves is a English alternative band that began in 2013. The band has three studio albums and numerous singles and extended plays (EP). 

One of the most popular songs of this EP is "Something More." This song begins with an electric-sounding bass instrumental. The song then quickly brings in vocals from the band members. Although the instrumental is electric, it finds a way to stay mellow yet upbeat. 

The overall vibe of the song is very mellow, but it does pick up a lot with the instrumentals toward the end of the song. This song finds a way to focus on the vocals and instruments throughout its three-minute duration. 

The next most popular song off of this EP is “Hunters.” This song begins with very mellow acoustics paired with an equally mellow vocal line. The vocals seem to bring out the acoustic instruments in this song as there is more emphasis on the instruments rather than the vocals. This song maintains the same mellow tune throughout its entirety.  

Overall, this is a great EP if you want to try out alternative music and if you want relaxing music. 


R&B: “Let Love” // Common  

Common is a Chicago-born rapper who is very famous for features on various hip hop albums, like Kanye West’s “Late Registration” and many other reputable albums. Recently, Common released his 12th studio album.  

The most popular song off this album is “HER love,” featuring Daniel Caesar. This song begins with a very relaxed instrumental and mainly focuses on Common’s rapping. The rapping is mostly spoken-word because there is an emphasis on every word rapped. This song combines rap and upbeat instrumentals seamlessly.  

The next most popular song off this album is “Good Morning Love,” featuring Samora Pinderhuges. This song beings with a very slow, relaxed piano instrumental that quickly turns slightly upbeat. Pingerhuges’ vocals take over the beginning of the song and are equally as mellow as the instrumental. Common proceeds to take over the song by adding his effortless rapping.  

Overall, this is a great album if you enjoy rap combined with relaxing music.