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Sports Feature: Matt Watsyn

by AJ Engelsen
Posted on Nov 08, 2018

There are many members of St. Ambrose University Athletics that do not get the recognition they deserve. These members can be the band playing at home games, the cheerleaders who cheering on the teams and also managers and graduate assistants.  


Matt Watysn has been a manager for the Men’s basketball team at St. Ambrose University for four years.


“I got to see the coaches coach and how to motivate the team,” Watysn said. “I also got to see the business side of it with away games. I get to see what all needs to be done for away games. It is just a lot of little experiences that I have taken out of the position.”


Watsyn got this position after working as the manager at Assumption for four years. He knew that working under Coach Ray Shovlain would be a big step in the right direction. He wanted to do some besides just being a student at St. Ambrose.


“I love sports and I want to pursue sports,” Watsyn said. “I know Ray (Shovlain) has a ton of connections. He has been here for 36 years, I thought it would be great experience working with basketball.”


Coach Shovlain explains that he has seen Watsyn grow a lot during his time managing the team.


“Matt does basically everything,” Coach Shovlain said. “He wants to be actively involved in all capacities not only for the basketball program but all of athletics. He is a positive upbeat person and those type of people you want around student athletes. He knows what needs to be done and jumps on it when it needs to be done.”  


Watsyn knows how much this experience will help him in the future. He is studying sport management and has started thinking about his post-graduation plans.


“I would like to do something with college athletics,” Watysn said. “It could be with marketing or being an athletic director. I could also go into professional sports in a front office in game or event management.”


Watsyn is starting his fourth season with the team and is excited to see what this team can do. He described the team as young but still having experience.


Watysn will have an impact on this team the same way he has in the past. Doing the small things that add up. He does have a favorite part of this position which is being a member of the team.


“Being around the players, We have a lot of great players, from incoming freshmen to the seniors they are all fantastic guys,” Watysn said.  


Coach Shovlain knows that Watsyn has a large impact on the team and thinks the team would not be as successful without him.


“We see the input, commitment and contribution of work study students, assistant coaches and managers,” Shovlain said. “They are critical for our success. Without them things do not run as smooth.”


Matt Watsyn is one of many people who help make the athletics program stay organized. There are managers on other teams there are assistant coaches who help only because they love the sport they are coaching. Watsyn will graduate from St. Ambrose University with a degree in sport management and four years of management experience at the college level.