SAU Buzz

One piece of trash at a time

by Carter Foley
Posted on Nov 08, 2018

Psychology students practice Psychology, radio and television students practice being on the air and environmental science students… pick up trash?

St. Ambrose University’s environmental science students took to campus to pick up trash two weeks ago to help make the campus cleaner.

Students and members of SAU Green life met in front of Christ the King Chapel on Oct. 23, with one goal in mind, to pick up garbage.

Once everyone was there, Assistant Professor of Biology Dennis Tarasi took a group photo of all of the students. Roughly 50 students showed up to help. Each student got into a group of about four total and separated throughout the SAU campus to hit all of the major spots.

Each group spent close to 30 to 45 minutes walking around the different parts of campus trying to do their part, and for environmental science student Erin Green, she believes that our campus is a reflection of the students.

“I always encourage others to think twice before they something on the ground,” Green said. “They represent the campus just as much as the campus represents them and keeping it clean and litter free makes a warm and welcoming environment.”

By picking up trash, Professor Tarasi wanted his students to think about what they’ve learned in the classroom and take that information one step further by applying it to a real-world experience.

“My environmental science class spent a good amount of time talking about waste and how individual consumers generate a lot of waste,” Tarasi said. “It’s entirely different to experience that on their own college campus and to be a part of trying to address the issue.”   

If you are interested in joining Greenlife contact or Dennis Tarasi.