SAU Buzz

Men's Basketball Season Preview

by Eva Latz
Posted on Nov 08, 2018

We are buzzin’ into basketball season bees, and this years men’s team is already coming in hot, with wins against Emmaus Bible University on Oct. 30. The basketball team has been working hard during this off season to make sure this one is the best that it can be.

The team has been preparing rigorously, for this upcoming season.

Sophomore, Michael Williams, comments on games against rivals, and who some of those rivals are, as a team, “Roosevelt University, beat us last year, that was a game we should’ve won. So, i’m looking forward to rematch for that. Also, Governors State, they won the conference so we’re going to try and attack the teams that are high up in the conference, we’re trying to win the title this year so any team that stands in our way is a team that we want to knock out first.”

When working on tactics for these rival teams, Sophomore, Warren Allen comments, “The best way is doing our normal things, coming together as a team, and working on team chemistry. We have a lot of good athletes and we if we all could bond better the team would get better.”

For this upcoming season there are a lot of expectations, there is a lot of potential for this season’s basketball team.

“We feel we will be very good by the end of the season, we may start a little slow, but by the end of the season we will have a very strong team,” Coach Ray explained. “One thing we’re very pleased with is that we returned a lot of players that played a lot of minutes last year that were still underclassmen.”

This season the team has received four new players.

“Since most of our team is still pretty young, them coming in, they feel like they can look up to us to see how things are done with our team,” Williams said. “There are a few sophomores, one junior, and a few seniors, the senior leadership is also good. Coming in as a freshman I know I was nervous, so I know how they feel. But, they’re also feeling confident as well.”

Working on team chemistry with a different team, coach, and environment can be especially difficult, but there’s no doubt that this team will gel.

Over Thanksgiving break, the team will be headed overseas to Ireland to play an exhibition against the Killarney Cougars, in Killarney, Ireland.

“It’s an unbelievable experience to experience a different culture, and in all honesty, I think it should be a requirement for an academic degree here at the university,” Ray explained. “Until you have that type of experience I don’t think we truly understand other people’s perspectives the purpose isn’t really from a basketball perspective, but more from a learning perspective, for the players. We went to Ireland a couple different times, we’ve went to Puerto Rico, and across the United States. I think the big emphasis is that it’s a life changing experience for the players, and for whoever goes.”

While the Bees will be crushing the game overseas we’ll be eagerly waiting what wins and experiences they’ll have to share with us.

This years team are prepared for what the season throws at them, and there are high expectations all around. There is a lot of hope that this year the team will make the playoffs, as they’ve been putting in time, effort and focusing on teamwork.