SAU Buzz

Fighting Bee: Kayla Crawford

by AJ Engelsen
Posted on Nov 08, 2018

What is your plan after graduation?

I plan to bowl on the PWBA Tour this coming summer and apply for grad school for my MBA as I seek a career in Collegiate Athletics. I would also like to coach a bowling program at a college/university someday.


Why did you decide to come to SAU?

I am from the Quad Cities and have always heard good things about St. Ambrose. Going into my senior year of high school, I had many interests in majors and St. Ambrose had every major I was interested in where no other university compared. I also loved the culture here more than any other university I looked at. I knew athletes on the team, coaches, as well as many students on campus that loved it and really convinced me to come here.


What other sport would you play besides bowling?

I played three sports growing up, which were volleyball, softball, and bowling. If I could, I would play volleyball again. I play a lot of sand volleyball with my friends when it’s warm.


What is your favorite memory bowling for SAU?

My favorite memory is from sectionals last year when both the men’s and women’s teams qualified for ITCs. Our women’s team had finished qualifying and found out we made it to nationals, but our men’s team was still finishing an intense battle for the final spot. All of us girls, our coach, and our parents went to go cheer on our men’s team at the other end of the bowling center and we got to witness history. When one of our guy’s struck and clinched the last spot, it was an amazing feeling. Everyone hugged and cried. Qualifying for ITCs is a big deal, but it is even more of a big deal to have both teams make it in the same year. This will forever be one of my favorite memories while bowling for SAU.

What is it like having your dad being one of the coaches?

It has its pluses and minuses. I have been coached by my dad since I first started bowling when I was 4 years old, so he knows my game inside and out. It is nice to have my dad as one of the coaches because he gets to witness me do what I love up front and guide me along the way. However, it can also be challenging because we butt heads every now and then. It is also challenging because there are higher expectations/more pressure since I’m the coach’s daughter from me, him, previous teammates, etc.

What has been your favorite class at SAU and why?

My favorite class would have to be my Intro to Sport Management class because it helped me realize what I wanted as a career path.

The bowling teams have been successful so far this season. What have you done to help the team be successful?

Our chemistry as a whole program has been really good this year which has been the main reason for our success. As a senior, I have tried co-leading the team by helping teammates at practice make improvements to their game, calming any nerves during competition, and sharing advice when needed. We all help each other in some way that bring us closer as a team, ultimately helping the team be successful.