SAU Buzz

Zone 1 Parking Changes

by Carter Foley
Posted on Oct 25, 2018

Students taking evening classes need to arrive a few minutes early for the rest of the semester. Once the sun goes down, good luck finding a spot to park on the St. Ambrose University campus.


Parking has been a problem for students who have Zone 1 this semester.


“We haven’t seen this in the parking department for at least the 15 years that I’ve been here,” said Director of Security Robert Christopher.


Last year, there was a lot of Zone 1 parking spots available. Students saw this and more Zone 1 passes were purchased this year. That’s created a race for spaces.


This year, during the daytime Zone 1 has fewer spots than Zone 2 has. At night, Zone 1 is even more full, while Zone 2 is pretty much empty.


Just last year this was the opposite for students who had Zone 2. Many students with Zone 2 permits were forced to park on the side of the street in local neighborhoods since there weren’t enough spots.  


An email was sent out on Sept. 28 regarding an extension to the Zone 1 parking lot. As seen from the illustration, Zone 1 has been extended to parts of the staff parking lot near the Rogalski Center & Lee Lohman Arena. This will be the case for the rest of the semester and will no longer be in effect come January.


“Zone 1 students have expressed concern which is why you see this change until January,” Christopher said.


Christopher has even said that students still have been complaining even after more parking had become available. This is just a temporary fix that the parking department hopes will sort itself out by the start of the second semester.


At this time, the parking department doesn’t plan on building any more parking lots since that would cost a lot of money and there is a lack of space available on and adjacent to main campus.