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October Album Review

by Eva Latz
Posted on Oct 25, 2018


October isn’t always filled with tricks and no treats, so here are some amazing treats we’ve been given by artists this month.


Rap/Hip-Hop: QUAVO HUNCHO // Quavo

This Georgian rapper recently released his first solo album album on Oct. 12. Quavo is a part of Migos, but decided to do something on his own, and so far his album has taken off. One of the most popular songs off this album is “Flip the Switch,” which features the very famous canadian rapper, Drake. This song starts very slowly, but immediately brings in the beat, and Quavo’s rapping quickly begins. The first verse sounds a bit off with the beat, but quickly flows once Drake starts. The rest of the song meshes perfectly with the upbeat instrumental, and Quavo’s rapping works very well with the instrumental of the song and isn’t overpowering in the slightest. The next popular song, is “Champagne Rose,” which features Madonna and Cardi B. The beginning of this song begins with an amazing beat that is paired with an overly autotuned Madonna. Cardi B’s verse goes perfectly with the music, and as always, Cardi B does amazing at the rapping. Following Cardi B, Quavo starts up again and raps amazingly. This song is a great upbeat rap song, the only thing that throws this song off is the overly autotuned Madonna, which could have been left out. If you can get past Madonna in this song, then it’s amazing, but otherwise it’s just okay.


Pop: Star is Born Soundtrack // Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper

Since the release of this film on Oct. 5 the soundtrack has been high on the charts. The most popular song off this album is “Shallow,” which features both Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. This duet begins with an acoustic guitar followed by Cooper’s surprisingly amazing vocals. Cooper has an amazing range in this song, and the acoustic guitar pairs with his voice just right. Gaga begins in this song quite subtly, but quickly shows off her amazing vocals and quickly shows us how amazing she is with her range that gives listeners chills. Gaga and Bradley’s voices together truly are amazing; they are both very talented singers and work very well together. The end of the song is just topped off with Gaga’s high notes. This is definitely a song you need to check out, especially if you appreciate amazing vocals. Another popular song off this soundtrack is “Always Remember Us This Way,” which is performed by Lady Gaga. This song starts off with a very soft piano, and focuses on Gaga’s outstanding vocals. This is a very relaxing laid back song, that is meant to show off Gaga’s vocals. If you’re looking for something a little lovey, upbeat, yet relaxed, check out this amazing song.


Alternative: Mirror Master // Young the Giant

The American rock band Young the Giant released their fourth studio album on Oct. 12. The most popular and first song off this album is “Superposition.” It begins with a lot of upbeat instruments, and very soft, relaxing vocals. The instruments are almost outshining the vocals, but it works well. This is a very upbeat happy song that has amazing use of the instruments. Another popular song off this album is “Call Me Back.” The beginning of this song begins a bit eerily, but transitions into very soothing vocals. This song has light instrument use, and focuses on the artist’s amazing vocals. The chorus picks up a lot, but is still a soothing song, and is something you should check out if you’re into alternative rock.