SAU Buzz

Men and Women's Bowling

by AJ Engelsen
Posted on Oct 25, 2018


The men’s and women’s bowling teams at St. Ambrose have started the season on fire.


The Bee’s have been dominant in both of their tournaments and the season has potential for both teams to reach the postseason again.


The women placed first and second in their two tournaments, while the men have placed second in both. Senior Brent Boho has an explanation for why the guys team has been bowling so well.


“The chemistry is something that has played a huge part so far this season,” Brent Boho, a senior on the men’s bowling team, said. “Returning all 8 guys was huge for us and we all believe in each other and know what we are capable of. We worked all summer so that when the season came around we would be ready to put together a great season like this.”


Last season both the men’s and the women’s team qualified for the 2018 Intercollegiate Team Championships; in order to do that they had to finish in the top four of their sectional. They expect to be able to do this again this season.


“The goal for this year is simple,” Boho said. “Make the TV show at nationals, and from there bring home the title.”


Last year in the Intercollegiate Team Championships the men finished 8th out of 16 and the women finished 12th. The two teams inspire each other to keep working hard.   


“The girls have had amazing success over my 4 years here,” Boho said.  “It is very motivating seeing how they are doing. There have been many times in the last few years were the guys have been eliminated early from tournaments and went to watch the girls win. Watching them win is great, but we want that same success for us.”


The men's team is lead by Senior Alex Denton. Denton finished with a score of 1057 after five games. This is an average of 211 per game. Boho knows a good goal is usually 200 or more per game.


“Alex (Denton) is a great leader on the team, and even when he is not bowling well, he is picking everyone up on the team,” Boho said. “His relationship with everyone is great and without him the team just wouldn't be the same.”


The Bees will continue their quest to get a good seeding in the sectional tournament Nov. 10 and 11 when they bowl in the Quad Cities. The matches will be played in Moline and Davenport.