SAU Buzz

Galvin sees summer renovations

by Kara Fairfield
Posted on Oct 25, 2018

Over the summer, the St. Ambrose University Theater Department received a $500,000 grant and began projects to update the space.


“We had a long list of projects we needed to use this money on and we still have a long list of projects for the future,” said Lance Sadlek, director of the Galvin Fine Arts Center.


Walking through the Galvin Fine Arts Center the repairs are subtle, but noticeable. They include a new speaker system, new lighting, repainting and a center of the house lighting installed.


There was also some repairs in the backstage on the line set system, which needed to be done in order to keep the equipment updated.


“All of these repairs where important to get done for the theatre department and building in order to be the best facility for our students,” Sadlek said.


Repairs were also done on the exterior roof to try to fix the leaking problem that has plagued the art hallway for the past few years.


“This money was helpful in achieving some of the project goals but we still have a long laundry list of projects that need to be done with future money,” Sadlek said.


Some of these future projects include renovating the girl's bathrooms and making the stalls larger, and replacing broken and old seating in the auditorium.  


“We are very grateful to receive this grant, it allows for students to have a theater unlike other universities,” Sadlek said.


The new and repaired equipment was used for the play “Rumors,” which ran from Oct. 5 through Oct. 7.