SAU Buzz

The Library's New Digs: Recent Renovations and Plans for the Future

by Erika Seabloom
Posted on Oct 04, 2018

As many returning Ambrose students, faculty and staff may remember, last semester the
library had sample furniture throughout the 1st floor. Surveys were available for individuals to
give their opinion on what furniture and amenities they would like to see in the SAU library. At
the beginning of this semester, anyone who walked into the 1st floor of the library could see
bookshelves covered in plastic, parts of the library closed to the public and a set up way different
from last year’s. So what’s the deal? What exactly is the library up to? The answer is simple: the
library is being renovated.
St. Ambrose’s current library was built in 1996, before a lot of the current student
population was even born. Before this summer, all of the building still contained the original
carpet, furniture and general setup. After 22 years of the same old stuff, the decision was made to
start the process of renovation. Over the summer, the 1st floor was renovated. The carpet,
computers and lamps were all replaced and the furniture updated. “We asked for student input
about the style, comfort, and usability. We used that input when we purchased the new
furniture,” said Library Director Mary Heinzman. “Students asked for more booth seating,
furniture that could accommodate group work and more places to ‘plug into.’” The 1st floor of
the library now has all these things; the new booths even have plug ins on them.
As some may have noticed, only the 1st floor was updated this summer. This begs the
question: when will the rest of the library be renovated? There are plans in place to update the
carpet on the other floors over the breaks between semesters. Furniture on these other floors are
scheduled to be updated sometime next year. If all goes well, in a year's time the library will look
completely different than it did before. Say goodbye to the library's look of 1996 and hello to the
look of 2019.