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October Album Review: GAS Festival Preview

by Eva Latz
Posted on Oct 04, 2018

From Thursday, Nov. 15 through Saturday, Nov. 17, GAS fest will highlight a number of artists, and comedians in downtown Davenport. Here are some albums to take a listen to, that will be playing GAS fest.


Pennied Days // Night Moves

One of their most popular songs off this album is “Carl Sagan,” this song begins very mellow, and quickly picks up with some upbeat percussion instrumentals. The vocalist, has great vocals, they are powerful, but don’t overpower the background instruments at all. The vocalist also has a great range, that pairs perfectly with the background. This song sounds like it was taken straight out of the 70s, it’s a wonderful upbeat, yet chill song. This is a great song for a midday pick-me-up.

The next popular song off their album is “Denise, Don’t Want to See You Cry,” this song has a very upbeat percussion background which is something I love. It’s a little bit more upbeat than, “Carl Sagan,” but it has keeps the same mellowness. You can tell there are 70s inspiration in this song, but it’s a little more modernized in this song. The vocals are constantly amazing, there’s not a time where they’re bothersome, or overpowering the instruments in this song. Overall, this is a great upbeat, yet chill album that’s great for a pick me up, and if you’re looking for hints of a throwback album yet something that’s relevant and modern.


Toro (Single) // Liily The Band

While Liily the Band does not have a debut album out yet, they are worth mentioning. This group of five from LAX, brings together alternative and hard rock in amazing way. Their released single called “Toro,” beings with very heavy instruments that immediately make you want to rock out. Without even hearing vocals, you can tell it’s going to be a good song, just by the instruments. Once the vocals begin, the song just gets even more amazing. The vocals are prominent, and the background just makes their vocals even better. This is definitely and upbeat rock song that is pretty amazing. All the instruments mesh perfectly, and the vocals just make the song outstanding. So, even though it’s only one song, you might be a little disappointed there aren’t anymore. If you’re into rock, mixed with alternative, this is a great band to check out.


Light of The Moon (Single) // Sharaya Summers

This Portland native has released many singles throughout 2017 and 2018, and is set to release her EP sometime during 2018. Her most popular single is “Light of the Moon.” This very mellow song has a great instrumental background. The songs gives off some Fleetwood Mac vibes, and Summers’ vocals are amazingly soothing. She has a great range, and is just as mellow as the instruments. This is a wonderful song from beginning to end, from the instruments, to vocals, everything about it just makes you feel relaxed. Although this is a soothing song, it isn’t too calming, it still has a upbeat feeling to it. This is a great song to listen to especially if you’re looking for something to chill out to.