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Library opportunities bring freedom and fun

by Jessica Karolczak
Posted on Oct 04, 2018

The library is offering new opportunities and resources to students this year. A new board game collection and hobby focused on vocal freedom have debuted this year with Board Game Nights and Zine Nights.


Last year, the library purchased a few board games to start their board game collection. The goal was to find games that fit the following criteria:

  • From reputable game companies

  • Offer a variety of difficulties

  • Potentially cost more and are less accessible to students

  • Employ different mechanisms to draw in different types of players

  • Preference given to games with simple, teachable directions


Since then, the library has received multiple donations from game companies. The collection now has over 30 games such as Catan, Pandemic and Ticket to Ride. There are also some games for younger children. Students can rent these games from the library.


The library offers game nights on the first Friday of every month from 6:30-9 p.m. A designated game or games are taught by librarians every game night.


“Students have said it is great because they don’t want to sit down and read directions,” librarian Leslie Ross said. “Our goal is to promote our board game collection, promote tabletop gaming, which is very social, and provide a place for students to come on a Friday night where there isn’t drinking.”


A special game night with food, activities and prizes is set up for Nov. 9, which is during International Game Week. In addition, a campus-wide game of Sneaky Cards will begin. This is a play-it-forward game in which each card contains a task, such as creating a new handshake, that must be continually passed on to other people. These cards can be tracked to allow students to follow each card’s journey.


The library’s other opportunity ties into this year’s Visual Narrative theme. Zine Nights allow students to make mini publications that can be mass produced and stored in the library for all to see. Zines may be published anonymously or with the creator’s name.


The goal of a Zine is to offer students a chance to speak their minds without fear of being suppressed or marginalized. Zines also provide opportunities for self-reflection and personal discovery.

“Zines are a fun, creative outlet and a mindfulness exercise,” Ross said. “I think it provides a place for community and lets campus know that your voice matters. You can be free to be yourself.”


Zine nights occur every fourth Tuesday of the month from 7-9 p.m. in the library basement. The library provides all Zine materials and tries to bring in guest Zine makers or collectors each night. Printmaking professor and Zine collector Joseph Lappie attended the September Zine night and introduced bookbinding.


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Ross said the librarians hope these programs will attract more students to library and all the resources they offer. Both nights are also opportunities for fun education.


“We just want to bring in students to see that you can use the library for recreation and not just studying,” reference librarian Jen Smith said. “We want to provide programs on campus, and it is fun for us.”


Side Bar:

Board Game Nights:

October 5Dominion

November 9Pandemic (International Game Week!)

December 7Catan


Zine Nights:

October 23

November 27