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Beeswax: Renee Busha, Galvin Fine Arts Center Marketing Director

by Jessica Karolczak
Posted on Oct 04, 2018



Education:English degree from St. Ambrose University


What attracted you to a career in marketing?

I just kind of stumbled into it. I did take a Marketing class when I was at St. Ambrose, and then I came here in 2002 and worked in the Advancement Office. I came up through the ranks and became the Director of Special Events, and there was some marketing involved with that. Four years ago, I moved to Indiana, and I worked for Ball State University. I was the Box Office Supervisor and Marketing Scheduler. So, when I saw that this job was open, it was such a fit for me. I think marketing is mostly just talking to people and getting to know them and figuring out what needs to be done to help wherever you are.


What led you to apply for the job at St. Ambrose?

I have family here and have a daughter here who has two little boys who are four and six. Also, the job seemed like a good fit. I know so many people here that it’s kind of like coming home to St. Ambrose.


What do you think is unique about St. Ambrose?

I like that St. Ambrose has always seemed a real part of the community in Davenport. It’s right here and involved. I like how the students at St. Ambrose are freely involved in the community and want to help. I think St. Ambrose has a history of that. Another thing I really love is when you work here, you can continue to take classes. You never stop learning, and I think St. Ambrose really celebrates that and makes sure the people who work here have that opportunity.


What are your hobbies?

My grandsons really like to swim so I swim with them. I’ve also been visiting with a lot of old friends since I’ve been back. I was an Art Minor when I was at SAU, so I like to do artwork. One of the things I’d really like to do next semester is take a writing class or an art class.


What is a big project that you are working on currently for the Galvin Fine Arts Center?

We are starting to talk about next year, which is the 50th year of Galvin. I’d really like to get out in the community and talk about that. I’d really like to hear people’s memories of Galvin, and I’d like to market Galvin during that year so we can get even more involved in our community - maybe re-introduce ourselves. I’ve been talking to old friends in the community and getting their take on Galvin so we can talk about branding the 50th.


What are some of your goals in your current position?

One of our goals is to get a new ticketing system that is more user-friendly. I also made a new Facebook page called St. Ambrose University Galvin Fine Arts Center at St. Ambrose University. I think the biggest thing is I want people to look at Galvin as a whole. Everything is right here. We have the Art Department, Music Department, Theatre Department and Communications Department. We need to be reminded this is a Fine Arts Center. It’s not just a place to go for theatre or a place to go for music. It’s a place to see the Morrissey Gallery and the Catich Gallery as well as Madsen Hall, or Allaert Auditorium where you can hear music. I think at all universities, sometimes people forget there are studio theatres and larger venues. It becomes sort of fragmented, so people see one or the other. I would like to see people come here for many different things.


What did you miss about the Quad Cities?

I just came from Muncie, Indiana, which didn’t have the amenities we have here. You never have to look for anything to do in the Quad Cities. There is always something going on. I also really missed Hy-Vee. I love Hy-Vee. I also love the river. I don’t think people understand how amazing the Mississippi is. The Quad Cities is really beautiful.


If you could travel, where would you go, and why?

When I was a student at St. Ambrose, I studied went to Ecuador. I really loved it. I would love to go back. It’s such a unique place. I’ve also always wanted to go to Portugal. It just sounds like an interesting place, and the artwork is so colorful.


What is your favorite aspect of Fall?

The colors, of course, and the crisp weather. I think there’s something about Fall that’s different than any other season. There’s some sort of excitement about it. I watch my grandkids, and they get excited about the leaves, which is always fun to watch. Plus, pumpkin spice everything.


What excites you about Halloween?

I think finding out what my grandsons want to be. Last year, they were Ghostbusters, and I loved that because I made their Ghostbusters costumes. Actually, I made proton packs for them, and I even downloaded the sound. I took apart crutches and used the bottom for the wand. On the end of it, I put a flashlight with a button, so it looked like you were turning it on. My other daughter, who’s a costume designer, covered them in felt, and then we aged them. I also love giving out full-sized candy bars because they seemed so huge as a kid.