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Louisville Basketball Relinquishes 2013 Banner

by Erik Butzen
Posted on Mar 02, 2018

As the result of a recent scandal, the University of Louisville Basketball team was relinquished of their 2013 National Championship. NCAA officials also stated that their 2012 Final Four appearance, as well as 123 of the programs wins will be erased as well.

“We believe the NCAA is simply wrong to have made this decision,” Louisville Interim President Greg Postel said.

The Cardinals lost their title as a result of the NCAA investigation involving the program using prostitutes to reel in prospective, top tier recruits.

Katina Powell, an escort, claims the school paid her $10,000 over four years to entertain recruits.

Early in the investigation, Coach Rick Pitino and the Louisville Basketball team ordered a self issued postseason ban which meant they would sit out the conference tournament, as well as the NCAA tourney.

“Did a few of the players partake in parties they didn't organize? Yes, they did," Pitino said. "But that had nothing to do with an extra benefit.”

Pitino’s contract was terminated by the school on October 16, 2018, even though he claimed he ran a clean program.

The 2013 Cardinals Basketball team had a phenomenal year going 35-5, and winning the National Championship against the University of Michigan. This team was led by notable players such as Russ Smith, Luke Hancock, and Peyton Siva.

Kevin Ware, the former Cardinal infamously known for a gruesome leg injury, disregarded the NCAA’s withdrawal of the team’s title.

“We still got a fat a** ring though,” Ware tweeted. “Which means my guys still won a chip, if i’m not mistaken of course.”

A recruit, who chose to remain anonymous, told the NCAA that former Louisville Graduate Assistant Coach Andre McGee  paid for the escorts to have sex with recruits, and current players.

“It was like a strip club,” the former recruit said. “I knew they weren’t college girls, It was crazy.”

The University of Louisville will be dealing with repercussions from this discovery.