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Lady Artists on The Stinger

by Crystal Miller
Posted on Mar 02, 2018

The Stinger is constantly bringing unique new music to KALA. But what’s really incredible is how many exceptional up and coming female artists are being played on The Stinger every week.

Courtney Barnett’s music has been streaming on The Stinger for three years. This lady is known for her witty lyrics and stunning Australian accent vocals. Her first full length album titled Sometimes I Sit And Think, Sometimes I Just Sit was released in March of 2015. “Pedestrian At Best” and “Dead Fox” from that album play regularly on The Stinger. She also released a collaborative album with Kurt Vile in October of 2017 titled Lotta Sea Lice. In the past, Barnett has won quite a few awards in Australia. In 2015 she was nominated for 6 ARIA Music Awards (Australian Recording Industry Association), and she won Best Female Artist, and Breakthrough Artist, as well as Best Cover Art and Best Independent Release for her album Sometimes I Sit and Think, Sometimes I Just Sit. Barnett is also gay, and married to fellow female singer and songwriter Jen Cloher.

Knotty guitar, distorted bass and lyrics of confrontation and vulnerability make up the sound of up and comer Soccer Mommy. Twenty-year-old Sophie Allison has been making music since she was six. She started creating tunes just for fun and has been doing so for years. She was posting her songs on Tumblr, Bandcamp and Soundcloud, thinking no one would notice her music. Once her Bandcamp page started receiving a lot of attention when she was in college, she decided it was either time to pursue music as a full time career or to stop growing as an artist. She chose music.

Since Allison has never released a full album before, only EPs, the station was excited to discover her recent release of her first full length, Clean. The songs “Your Dog” and “Cool” were just added to The Stinger and are going to be receiving lots of spins.

Ratboys is a favorite on The Stinger. Don’t be too surprised when you hear “Elvis Is In The Freezer” playing on the singer, because it’s none other than lead vocalist and guitarist Julia Steiner. In July of 2017, Ratboys visited KALA for an exclusive interview after the release of their newest album GN. Their folksy-indie sound always leaves listeners with a warm feeling, thanks to Steiner’s soft and beautiful vocalizing. Ratboys’ name originated from Steiner’s high school nickname.

While on the subject of lead female vocalists named Julia, let’s talk about Chastity Belt, which is fronted by Julia Shapiro. She is a super-musician involved in many other projects including Childbirth and Who Is She? Chastity Belt’s “Different Now” plays on The Stinger, as well as Who Is She?’s “Seattle Freeze.” Childbirth also makes great music, but much of it isn’t appropriate for The Stinger. I would still recommend giving them a listen if you can handle the jokey lyrics and basement sound.

Diet Cig’s female vocalist Alex Luciano never picked up or played a guitar before the duo formed in 2014. Luciano and her musical partner and drummer Noah Bowman, released two EPs in 2015, Over Easy, and Sleeptalk/Dinner Date 7. Bowman has been playing in different bands since he was 13 years old. The two met at a house show in New Paltz, New York, when Luciano asked Bowman for a cigarette lighter, and he gave her a bottle of wine instead. He tattooed a daisy on her foot the next day. The two have paired up and been bringing pop-punk in a 90’s, but still modern style. You can hear the songs “Breathless” and “Cardboard” on The Stinger.

Great Grandpa is an up and coming band with five members who all bring vocals, as well as other instruments, to the table. Alex Menne is the lead vocalist, but Carrie Miller also sings and plays bass. The band released their first studio album in 2017 titled Plastic Cough. Their song “Favorite Show” plays on The Stinger.

Partner is a Canadian band fronted by vocalists best friends Josee Caron and Lucy Niles. They describe themselves as “a disturbing combination of special talents.” Their songs visit topics of sexuality, memories, time, friendship, relationships, and intimacy. You can listen to their songs “Comfort Zone” and “Creature In The Sun” on The Stinger.

It’s incredibly exciting and heartwarming to see all these new female artists being showcased in the world of college radio. Lately women have begun to take over the pop-punk scene, as well as the scene of other genres like indie and metal. More women in the music scene makes other women attending shows feel safe and welcome. Not to mention it’s a big step towards feminine equality.