SAU Buzz

Fighting Bee: Karyn Paisley

by A. J. Engelsen
Posted on Mar 02, 2018

Why did you decide to come to SAU?

I decided to come to St. Ambrose because I have had friends that have ran here. From looking at all their pictures it seemed like a positive place to go to with a positive attitude to grow in. I also had friends who would be running at Ambrose at the same time I was.


You recent qualified for nationals in the 5k how did that feel?

I was excited and happy because it was a goal since I was a sophomore in college. I have tried really hard the past few years. I just missed it last year so making it this year was awesome.


Did you expect to make it to nationals?

There was a period of time when I struggled with injuries where I thought I could not. Even the start of this year I was still going through that. Working with Coach Jansen and friends I started to believe in myself more as the season went on. So it was a surprise but excited that I qualified because I have been working hard.  


What other hobbies do you have outside of running?

I like to paint. I oil paint nature and landscapes. I like photography and to explore different types of music.


What is your favorite memory with the team?

We had a meet in Kansas my junior year. Even though it was rainy and terrible weather, everyone on the distance had to stand up and help out the rest of the team. It was fun to try to different events and have fun with it.


As a senior, how have you tried to be a leader of the team?

I've tried to be a leader on the team by being myself. We have a lot of people on the team who pressure and stress on themselves and they do not have fun. I try to be a leader by helping the girls stay relaxed and positive.


What is your plan after college?

I plan on getting my masters in clinical mental health counseling. I want to get my license in addiction and I eventually want to counsel those in sports who have dealt with similar things as I have.


What are you most excited about nationals?

To compete at this level. I have never had the opportunity to compete at indoor nationals. I am excited to have the chance to run against faster competition and see what time I get.