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Austin Royer Runs Both the Court and the Stage

by Kasey Zielinski
Posted on Feb 19, 2018

An allstar on the volleyball court is quite the rockstar on stage, too.

Austin Royer has spent the last four years at St. Ambrose earning a degree in finance, as well as setting records and earning NAIA National Player of the Week as the starting varsity setter on the men’s volleyball team.

What classmates may not know about Royer is that he is the lead singer of a band called Lakefront centered in Mokena, Ill. The band released their second EP “Bummer” over Christmas break and is looking to only go up from here.

The band has been together since the summer of 2014.

“Over summer (in 2014) my buddy Danny from high school asked if I would want to play guitar with two other guys from another band that we were friends with,” Royer said. “We played one show and then just decided to make it a band.”

Lakefront was born. Currently, the band consists of Royer on lead vocals and guitar, Danny Sciaccotta on bass, Tom Maiener on drums, and Tyler Jackson also on the guitar.

Royer and his bandmates were anxious and eager for the new release, as they were proud of their new songs and wanted people to hear them as soon as possible. The new EP “Bummer”is a little different from the band’s first release Since You’ve Left in 2016.

“Our older music used to be mostly about heartbreak and what comes with coping with that certain situation.” Royer explained. “Our new EP is just more of a feel good, energetic, and hopeful vibe. We are heavily influenced by bands like Third Eye Blind, Lit, Oasis, and just 90s music in general. We enjoy that vibe and are going for that kind of feel good vibe through our music.”

Recording and completing the EP were not easy for the band. School and volleyball oftentimes kept Royer here in Davenport, leaving him to go home on weekends for the group to record what and when they could.

“Being in school I would have to record then come back to Ambrose while they finished everything else, which I did not enjoy. Lakefront has been paused many times due to being away at school. But when I am home we usually do a show, practice, or write,” Royer said.

The bands’ latest release will definitely send contagious good vibes that come from the four tracks. “Mediocre” offers a catchy verse that you just have to bang your head along to. “Next to You” offers some highlight on the bands’ musical talent, and the other two tracks “Longing/Loving” and “Take Me Away” are equally as deserving of a listen.

“We want people not to take life too seriously because there's such little time and most of the difficulties and things that might have you down are not worth dwelling over in the grand scheme of things” Royer said. He explained that this is what he wants listeners to take from their music.

Royer hopes for Lakefront to get on tour and to get their music out to other areas following graduation in May.

“That's the best way to get your name out to other states is to tour,” Royer said. “And definitely recording over summer to get some summer jams out.”

“Since You’ve Left” and “Bummer”are both available on YouTube. “Since You’ve Left” is available on Spotify, and will be joined by “Bummer” in the near future. These and their earlier releases “As We Part Ways” (2014) and “True Colors” (2015) are all available from streaming on the bands website: