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Person On The Street

by Becca Herrmann
Posted on Feb 02, 2018

Do you think professionals should be held to higher standards in their speech? (For example, professors or elected officials)


Brenna Faletti, Senior, Nursing

“I think professors and our elected officials (AKA Trump) should use caution especially when addressing other people or countries. I think there should be punishments for him and other professionals for using inappropriate language, especially in a public setting.”

Luke Cokel, Junior, Mechanical Engineering

“Yes, professionals should be held to a higher standard because they are in a position of influence and are expected to show respect always.”

Kaitlyn Huston, Freshman, Nursing

“I think that professionals should be held to higher standards when they speak because they are role models to the people below them. If they are making awful comments or speaking poorly then the people below them will either begin to speak like them or turn against them. They are in the public eye more than anyone else, like Trump. I believe this means they should be held to the higher standard.”

Matt Filipski, Senior

"Yes and no, while they are just like any other person, I feel as tho any human should be held to a high standard of they are giving a public talk. They are giving their ideas to the people they're talking to, so they should be held accountable for for what they say."

Seth Brauman, Senior

To an extent, I think that it is more beneficial for professionals to have higher standards of speech than to not. Speeches are the public's only way of knowing the person's character, so they should display a level of standard that shows they are professional. But not to the point where the public can no longer understand and connect with the person.