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Kaylee Reads Books: Jellicoe Road

by Kaylee Golden
Posted on Feb 02, 2018


Jellicoe Road is a fiction mystery, love story and thriller. Even though it is over 400 pages, the story pulls you in and demands to be read in one sitting. Written by Australian novelist Melina Marchetta, Jellicoe Road centers around a young girl named Taylor. Taylor lives at a boarding school on Jellicoe Road where she’s been since she was abandoned by her mother at the town’s gas station. Taylor develops a relationship with a young woman named Hannah who lives on the school grounds. Aside from Hannah, Taylor is not keen on making friends- she has always been more of a loner. However, through a “war” between the public school and the visiting military cadet squadron, she is forced to develop allies within her own campus and with choice enemies to keep her school and people protected. Through these relationship she learns more about her past, her family and her unknown connection to Jellicoe Road. This book is a unique and beautifully-written masterpiece. Marchetta writes in the present-tense through Taylor while incorporating the manuscript written by Taylor’s older friend, Hannah. Every single word has a meaning and a purpose- each viewpoint is intertwined seamlessly while slowly revealing pieces of Taylor’s myste rious past. The ending of Jellicoe Road will leave you satisfied, overwhelmed and in awe of the intricate plot of the book.


I am a very picky reader—I have never re-read any books aside from the Harry Potter series and To Kill a Mockingbird. However, I could read Jellicoe Road on repeat for months if I had to. I recommend this for anyone looking for an escape into another world that is entertaining, heartfelt, and sincere. Jellicoe Road provides a fascinating story, but also gives a beautiful and unexpected look into mental illness, grief, and trauma.