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Black Mirror Season 4 Review

by Elli Alvis
Posted on Feb 02, 2018

Netflix original series “Black Mirror” released six new episodes on December 29, 2017. The new installments in the popular television show feature a variety of stories revolving around futuristic technological advances, and each episode has its own standalone plot line.

The show gained a huge following after the release of season 3, and has since been growing in popularity even more. This is due partially to season 3 episode “San Junipero,” which featured the shows first ever positive ending. “Black Mirror” is known for its tendency to leave viewers with a “lesson learned the hard way” feeling after each episode, often with sudden twists.

Season four was definitely true to form. The season finale, titled “Black Museum,” told the story of a young woman who stumbles upon a museum in the desert filled with devices involved with criminal cases. Throughout the episode, the museum curator tells the woman stories about several of the items in his collection, each being a futuristic technological item that somehow went horribly wrong, like most “Black Mirror” episodes. This is why the show is often referred to as science fiction rather than horror or drama.

“San Junipero” led to the inspiration for season four episode “Hang the DJ,” another episode where creator Charlie Brooker left viewers on a positive note. “Hang the DJ” features upcoming star Georgina Campbell in the role of Amy and Joe Cole as Frank.

In the episode, Frank and Amy live in futuristic society where a dating program, referred to as “Coach,” tells each individual exactly what to do in terms of their relationships. The program even puts an expiration date on each relationship, ranging from a few hours to several years. The episode tells the story of Frank and Amy’s relationship.

Both “San Junipero” and now “Hang the DJ” have gained a following on social media sites such as Tumblr and Twitter, with many viewers hoping that Brooker will give viewers more happy endings.

Season four of “Black Mirror” did not disappoint. Each episode was true to the series, which gave viewers exactly what they were looking for with the highly anticipated release of the current season. The show has already been renewed for a fifth season, expected at the end of this year.