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Farewell Letter

by Mary Ohland
Posted on Nov 30, 2017

Dear St. Ambrose Community,


I want to say “thank you” to each and every one of you who worked with me over the years and hired work study and temporary student workers.  So many of you have become my friends.  Many of you have become my favorite people to work with.  Working here was a dream job for me.  I always said, “If I could just have a job where I could talk to students every day, I would be the happiest person in the world.”  And that is pretty much what I have done.  


I have appreciated the supervisors who were my “go-to” people, who could guide and nurture those students who needed a little push in order to connect or feel like they belonged. I have respected those of you who coached and patiently worked with the students who didn’t know the first thing about being employed.  I also feel very blessed to have so many staff and faculty who overlooked my mistakes and were patient with me while I was still learning.


As for the students, I have loved the smiles, laughs and hugs from those students who thought I really helped them in finding a job, or solving a problem, or letting them know that everything was going to be alright.  I must have said a thousand times to students who came in and said that they didn’t want to bother me, “Please bother me, because if you don’t, I won’t have a job!”  


I will miss so many of you, especially my co-workers and student workers over the years.  Recently several of my past student workers reminded me of the things we used to do.  I had Amanda stand on the conference table so I could pin up the hem on her pants.  I took Rachel home with me so we could make her a bathing suit top.  We had a baby shower for one of the staff members and Ashton and I couldn’t stop laughing after putting a meatball in a baby diaper and making the other students smell it.  Sarah ran in with a big smile on her face to tell me she was Student of the Month.  I went to see Andrew’s History presentation and my cell phone rang in the middle of it.  All of us sat in the Career Center and listened to Amanda give her summation to the jury before mock trials.  Mimi made me a CD of all my favorite songs including the bad American Idol auditions. J.J. carried a porcelain teapot all the way from France on the plane to bring back to me.  Mel sat in front of me and cried when her best friend wouldn’t talk to her. Maddy rushed in to tell me about her first kiss, and I told the whole Career Center staff at the staff meeting.   The whole Career Center staff went to Ashley’s Miss Maquoketa pageant late at night in a snowstorm to see her compete.  Cari graduated in 2004 and still calls me to tell me how her life is going; we can talk for hours. I could go on and on.  All of you made me feel so valued to be part of your lives.  


What a wonderful 17 years.  And yes, I worked a little too.  But it is the way the people of St. Ambrose made me feel when I was here that I will remember when I retire in January 2018.


Love and hugs to you all,