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SAU Kinesiology Club Sending Students to Annual ACSM Conference

by Julia O'Conner
Posted on Nov 02, 2017

Kinesiology Club provides many opportunities for networking, staying active and having fun, reported club president and senior Abby Hammer. Kinesiology Club, often referred to as “Kin Club” focuses on activities or events that pertain to the health field. In the past, Kin Club has hosted badminton and dodgeball tournaments on campus as well as encouraged attendance at St. Ambrose sporting events.

“Joining Kin Club doesn't take much time,” Hammer said. “It’s a place where we are able to share ideas and be active at the same time. Many believe you have to be an Exercise Science major or a Human Performance and Fitness major to join, but that's not the case. Anyone who enjoys being active and providing healthy activities for students and the community can join!”

Many meetings include guest speakers who talk to students about their career paths. This can give students the opportunity to ask questions and network within the kinesiology field. In the past, students have been able to hear from Physical Therapists, Strength and Conditioning Coaches, Ultra Marathoners, and Group Fitness guides.

There are also leadership opportunities available within Kin Club, providing positions which allow students to develop leadership skills. Hammer says that upperclassmen members help provide insights to other kinesiology students regarding the various kinesiology majors.

“Since most of us are exercise science and human performance and fitness majors, we are able to share our experiences and provide advice for [younger students],” she said.

The biggest event for Kin Club is the Midwest American College of Sports Medicine Conference, attended by students each fall. This year, the conference is being held in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on Nov. 10 and 11. This conference gives professors and other professionals an opportunity to present research in the kinesiology field and allows students opportunities to network. Graduate schools send representatives to promote their programs and present research. This year, Ambrose’s Dr. Rhiannon Seneli is presenting at the conference, which also hosts a quiz bowl for students. In the past, St. Ambrose’s teams have been very successful in this event. Winning teams get to attend a national event.

Overall, Hammer says she has had great experiences with Kin Club. Every year is different, she said, because the members of the club are the ones who make the club what it is. Officers of the club do not just run everything and without interacting with other club members. Hammer feels that the members of Kin Club are what makes the club as enjoyable as it is for her.

“The members of the club make it fun and enjoyable to plan and go to meetings,” she said. “Even if it's just eating Whitey's ice cream and talking about which classes to take next semester. Being the president of Kin Club this year has made me even more excited about my career choice and what this field has to offer.”