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"Going Grey" The Front Bottoms Review

by Kasey Zielinski
Posted on Nov 02, 2017

The New Jersey-based indie-rock band embraces a slightly new sound on their sixth studio album, Going Grey. The band has gained some notable popularity over the past few years and now incorporated synths alongside their F-bombs and grunge-y lyrics for a different twist on their tracks. Their opening songs are similar to the classic TFB sound that fans are used to such as ‘Peace Sign’, ‘Bae’, ‘Vacation Town’ and ‘Don’t Fill Up On Chips’. As the album progresses, listeners hear the band experiment with electronic sounds on songs like ‘Grand Finale’ and ‘Trampoline’. The symphonics throughout the album walk on tightrope between the music that the band has always produced versus a new direction the duo seems to be going in. The lyrics talk-sung by frontman Brian Sella dominate again, as it has in past releases and Sella’s vocals showcase an improvement as well. The vocals and melody-defining guitar are refreshing to hear as the record gets continuously better as each next song begins.