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Wellness and Recreation Center dedicated

by Eva Latz
Posted on Oct 05, 2017

During what has seemed like a long 18 months, we’ve been waiting for the much awaited Wellness and Recreation Center, and it’s finally here. So far, the Wellness and Recreation Center has been an amazing asset to St. Ambrose. Student athletes are already reaping the benefits.

“This building will benefit us since we won’t have to drive to the dome,” Senior and athlete Jennifer Lopez said. “We also won’t have to wait for other teams to finish up while using the dome. One year when the dome collapsed, we had to drive to Sterling, and now that we have a track here on campus it’s so much easier for us.”

Not only has the Wellness and Recreation Center benefitted student athletes but it also benefits the group fitness programs we have on campus.

“The new wellness classrooms are great, it was so difficult to arrange because it would always switch from Hayes to Rogo,” Dance instructor Twyla Pereira said. “It was very difficult because there wasn’t a lot of space, so people wouldn’t come because they knew how crowded the classes would get. We used to average 8 to 10 people coming to the dance class before the Wellness Center, and now we average at 23 people per class.”

On Friday, September 27, many people gathered at the Wellness Center to attend the dedication and blessing. Sister Joan Lescinski mentioned the need for a new Wellness Center in 2007, but it was not until 2012 that the board supported the need for a new wellness space.

“Many of you know i’m an old English professor, and I teach the novel,” Sister Lescinski said. “It’s this building that has been like a novel. There have been many chapters in completing this work, and today we are here with a very satisfying ending of this novel.”

The Wellness Center has been the largest single project Ambrose has done. Throughout the dedication, the mention of students’ “minds, bodies and spirits,” were brought up. This has shown how dedicated the school was to having and completing a place like the Wellness Center. After Sister Lescinski spoke she introduced Congressman Dave Loebsack, Davenport Mayor Frank Klipsch and Building our Future Campaign Co-Chair Brian Lemek. All of them were as excited as Lescinski, if not more.

Throughout the dedication, attendees were able to sense the excitement and sense of pride from the speakers. Finally, the blessing of the center commenced.

“Before I do my Bishop thing, I just want to say this is for students obviously but as a Bishop who lives near by and needs to get exercise every once in awhile and this place is nice to have in your backyard,” Davenport Diocese Bishop Rev. Thomas Zinkula said. “I whined for a while, but Sister Joan finally gave me a pass. I’ve walked over a couple times, worked out a few times and it’s pretty great.”

Soon after, the building was blessed, and to make things even more official there was a ribbon cutting. The dedication, blessing and ribbon cutting was a wonderful event. It showed the students, alumni and faculty how proud St. Ambrose is to have this new facility.


Wellness Center Dedicaton