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'The Keepers' Review

by Kasey Zielinski
Posted on Oct 05, 2017

The unsolved murder of 26-year-old Sister Cathy Cesnik is questioned and investigated in the Netflix documentary series The Keepers. Cesnik had been a teacher at an all girls’ high school, and then a nearby public school when she disappeared on November 7, 1969. Nearly two months later, her body was found nearby in the woods and a half-century-later; no one has yet to be charged for Cesnik’s murder.


In recent years, two former students of Cesnik, Gemma and Abbie, have devoted their time to investigating the beloved teacher’s unsolved murder case. Viewers also meet Jean, who was a student of Cesnik, but she tells another story that is equally as horrifying as the murder itself. While murder is an obvious crime that is being examined throughout the seven episodes, sexual abuse at the high school becomes a prominent component in this case.


This is an intense series that pulls you in with conspiracies regarding the Catholic Church and the justice systems of Baltimore and Maryland.