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Slow Progress on WRC Affects Ambrose Athletics

by Erik Butzen
Posted on Sep 21, 2017

It’s the beginning of the fall semester and St. Ambrose student athletes now have the opportunity to utilize the long-anticipated athlete weight room in the new Wellness and Recreation Center (WRC). This athlete-only weight room is quite a step up from the old Lee Lohman set-up or the makeshift weight room in the old Lujack’s Car Dealership down the road.  

Athletes and coaches alike are thrilled about the new facility, especially head coach of the new Swim and Dive team, Rob Miecznikowski.

“I think we will see an almost immediate benefit for all the sports, in performance and a reduction of injuries,” Miecznikowski says.  “It doesn't matter what sport you participate in, Swimming, Football, Bowling, Badminton, the stronger you are, the more competitive and injury free you will be.”

Unfortunately, the slow progress of the St. Ambrose Wellness and Recreation Center has forced the athletic weight room to be open for all students to use while the public gym is still unfinished. This has become quite an inconvenience to some St. Ambrose student athletes.

Anthony Peters, an accomplished member of the track and field team, states that it is has become a nuisance that the athletic weight room has to be shared.

“I feel like us athletes are now rushed through our workouts,” Peters says. “This can raise the risk for injury because we do not have the proper amount of time to warm up.”

Throughout the first couple weeks of the fall semester, the hours for the new fitness center have been from 10:00 AM- 2:00 PM, as well as 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM. This can lead to many scheduling conflicts for sport teams in terms of a student’s class schedules and potential work schedules.

“Due to my internship and class schedule, I have to miss the short time my team is in the weight room,” Peters says. “That means I am stuck having to lift on my own at a later time.”

Some team lifts have even conflicted with the open times for all student use, resulting in an extremely crowded gym.

“I think altering the team lifts around the wellness center times are very hard to do,” says St. Ambrose Swimmer Jason Schuler. “I am a little disappointed, but at the same time it allows the gym to be at it’s very best when it’s finished.”

Like Schuler, many students are very displeased that the WRC has not been completed, because many got their hopes up thinking the project would be finished by the start of the 2017 Fall semester.

However, the overwhelming sentiment seemed to be that students could handle the inconvenience as long as the finished product was up to caliber. As of Thursday, September 14, the public portion of the WRC has been opened, but with limited use of areas and equipment. With this development, the WRC moved closer to completion and a step closer to the official dedication on September 29.