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Melodrama by Lorde

by Kasey Zielinski
Posted on Sep 21, 2017

Four years after the release of her debut album, Pure Heroine, New Zealand native Lorde released her second record, Melodrama. The highly anticipated album did not disappoint. The 19-year-old masterfully captures the ups and downs of being a young woman and tells her tales of heartbreak, loneliness, and independent comebacks within 11 tracks. Written with the help of Bleachers’ Jack Antonoff while she was 18 and 19, Lorde (now 20) trades the electronic palettes of Pure Heroine for bold piano chords and raw vocals.

The opening track and first single “Green Light” progresses with some piano and a beat that makes you want to drive down the highway with the windows rolled down and your hair in the wind. “Liability” makes you want to lay in bed with some string lights on with a glass of wine. Lorde dives headfirst into diverse emotions and that plays a huge role of what makes this album so great.

Throughout the rest of the album, the singer remembers exes and feeling alone. She also gets real about the personal relationship with herself that she, and all girls at one point, need to stop and care for. That’s what I liked so much about this album. Lorde takes feelings that most (if not all) girls feel, felt those same things, and made a record about it. She peeks into our personal lives and showcases them with her words. She takes the most commonly felt feelings that are never discussed and lyrically crafts them into what is now Melodrama.