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Beeswax: Danelle Langeneckert

by Elli Alvis
Posted on Sep 07, 2017

Staff Photo of Danelle Langeneckert

How long have you been at Ambrose?

I’ve actually been part time here for 8 seasons now, and before this year I worked part time sales. This is my first year working full time at Ambrose.


Where did you go to school? What was your major?

For my undergrad I went to Florida State, and I got my MBA from [Ambrose]. I was the GA for the dance program here from 2004-2006. I majored in Marketing.


What is your aim for the upcoming athletic season?

Of course I’d love for St Ambrose to win national championships for both cheer and dance. I think from the Spirit Coordinator position, we have a bunch of different initiatives to bring more students into our athletic events and games and things like that. In terms of that role, I have a lot of hopes to really grow campus involvement. And then surrounding that with the cheer and dance teams, because they play a big role. And then from a competitive standpoint, because the NAIA has just made competitive cheer and competitive dance sports, so there’s definitely a huge push there. Ultimately, I have several little goals that will hopefully come together to meet that big one.


Are there any goals from past competition seasons that you hope to meet again or continue this year?

We sit down at the beginning of the year and everyone creates personal goals for themselves, and then we come up with team goals and things like that. This year in dance, everybody has the goal of getting down their team ariel, which is a pretty big deal for us. And the same goes for cheer, each team member has their own goals as well. Last season the dance team placed fourth, but they were in seventh place coming out of prelims, which I thought was really neat. Instead of getting down on themselves they really pulled together to bring that final score up. As far as cheer goes, this is my first season working with them, so that’s a big change for everyone. I’m really looking forward to seeing them come together and work as a team.


How have your teams grown since you became involved at SAU?

We started out with about 55 cheerleaders, and around 20 dancers, but this year we’re hoping to add 15 more to our White Team. For dance, we have the Blue Team, which is competition, and a White Team, which is our spirit team. They’re the ones who’ll be at basketball games and things like that.


What is your favorite sport?

Cheer and dance! I can’t choose just one.