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Latest Albums for April

by Eva Latz
Posted on Apr 27, 2017

Not only does April bring showers, but it brings some rocking new albums. Take a chance to listen to the newest albums from the genres of Pop, Alternative, and

Hip-Hop/R&B. These albums will be great to get in the mood for spring, the end of school and everything else the end of the spring has to offer.


Pop: Memories Do Not Open // Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers, known for their electro-pop music, recently released their debut album on April 7. The most popular song off this album is “Paris,” a song that has been played repetitively on the radio.  The song has a very upbeat, electric vibe. This is a great upbeat song, and the vocals are amazing. This song features Emily Warren, and her vocals compliments the Chainsmokers very well. Overall, this is a great song to pump you up and get you ready for any day. Another popular song off of this album is, “Something Just Like This,” that starts off very mellow but quickly speeds up. The song hits its peak when the beat drops; this song just makes you want to dance. This is a great song to make a bad day better. Overall, this is a great album especially if you like DJ’s and electronic music. Definitely take a listen to this album.


Alternative: La Divine // Cold War Kids

Cold War Kids is a indie-rock band that is from Long Beach, California. They released their latest album April 7. The most popular song off this album is “Love is Mystical,” which begins with a soft drum and tambourine. The lead singer’s voice is nice with a little edge to it. This is a great song and the background instruments pair perfectly with the lead singer. Another popular song off this album is, “So Tied Up,” which really focuses on vocals. The background music is soft and also has some background vocals. This song is very upbeat, and the vocals are superb. This is a great album to listen to, especially if you’re a fan of alternative music.


Hip-Hop/R&B: Step Brothers EP // G-Eazy & Carnage

This Bay area native recently released an EP with Carnage on March 31. The most popular song off of this album, “Guala” features Thirty Rack. This song doesn’t really pick up until G-Eazy’s part. The background doesn’t really match the vocals; it’s a bit off. The background music should be a little more upbeat, it’s too slow for the vocals. If you’re a fan of G-Eazy you’ll probably enjoy this song. It’s a decent song, not the best G-Eazy song out there. The next most popular song off this album is “Down for Me,” featuring 24hrs. This song from the beginning is way better than, “Guala.” This song has a very good hook, and is upbeat and catchy. This is definitely a song you could listen to at anytime, but it’s perfect when getting ready to go out. If you’re a fan of rap and G-Eazy, this is a pretty good album. But don’t take my advice, take a listen and hear for yourself.