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A day without shoes

by Quetzal Morin
Posted on Apr 27, 2017

We wake up and before we leave the house, we put on our shoes. Some of us have a few pairs; others have a pair for every outfit. But imagine having no shoes to walk outside with, or being banned from school because you cannot afford shoes.

In some countries, children are required to wear shoes at school, but for some children shoes are too much of an expense for them causing them a lack of education.

The TOMS club is passionate about being able to put shoes on every child who needs one. The St. Ambrose University TOMS club is an active club on campus that hosts events and fundraisers to promote the awareness of what TOMS does.

April 21st is A Day Without Shoes. A Day Without Shoes is a day dedicated around the world to raise awareness about kids who don't have any shoes or shoes built to last rougher conditions.

President of the St. Ambrose University TOMS Club, Emily Pecinovsky said, “In many places around the world, kids are required to have a pair of shoes in order to attend school so as a part of the ONE FOR ONE campaign, every time you buy a pair of shoes from TOMS, another pair is donated to a kid in need.”

A Day Without Shoes focuses on the awareness of children with no shoes. All day students that want to participate in A Day Without Shoes will go the whole day without wearing any shoes.

“We would like to see all students walking around campus without shoes that Friday (weather permitting) with the 3 exceptions being: the cafe, Rogalski center food court, and labs where students must wear shoes. Other than that, take your shoes off and feel the ground beneath your feet,” Pecinovsky said.

That night, TOMS club will be hosting a tie-dye LATE NIGHT event starting at 10p.m in the Regalia patio. The TOMS club invited everyone to come participate and bring anything they would like to tie-dye. This is another event that will focus on raising awareness of the TOMS club. At the event there will be more crafts and different types of terrains that students can try out and walk on, to get the full experience of what it is like to have no shoes in other countries.

Pecinovsky explained more about the TOMS organization, “Our motto is one for one, so everything purchased from TOMS, is priced a little higher to help give back to someone in need! The main five injustices that TOMS focuses on working against are: shoes, eyesight, safe births, clean water, and bullying. TOMS Club will be hosting Day Without Shoes to raise awareness about those who don't have adequate footwear to go to school.”