SAU Buzz

Sodexo tastes progress

by Jessica Karolczak
Posted on Feb 16, 2017

“I want students to feel like they have a voice,” Steve Finn, general manager of Sodexo said.

This school year, Sodexo has implemented many changes to their food services at St. Ambrose University to increase satisfaction and efficiency. This includes revamping the menu in the Cosgrove cafeteria, adding new options to the food court in the Rogalski Center and Beehive coffee shop, and working toward renovation in the Health Science building and Cosgrove cafeteria.

“We will see what we can do to provide the most value for your money,” Jacob Fetterer, resident dining manager said.

After looking at production numbers from this year and last year, Sodexo management put more effort into the menu this semester by rewriting the menu over the holiday. Sodexo uses a dinner schedule that repeats every four weeks, so they added more variety to the menu and tried to ensure at least one student favorite for each meal.

Sodexo has applied small upgrades to the cafeteria, such as two entrées on the main line and setting out a quesadilla maker. They also hope to offer breakfast sandwiches and pizza in the coffee shop and wings in Rogo to “try to keep up with trends,” Finn said.  

“We don’t have to reinvent the wheel to get higher satisfaction,” Fetterer said. “I’d rather do simple really well and do it right.”

Sodexo highly encourages good and constructive feedback from students. Many resources, including social media accounts, are offered for students to share their thoughts about any of Sodexo’s services. A new app called Bite By Sodexo even allows students to see the menu for each day’s meals, look up dietary information, and leave feedback. Sodexo is also trying to instigate DTXT, a program students can sign up for that will send Sodexo food promotions and deals via text.  

“We care about what you guys think,” Fetterer said. “We work for you. You can talk to us.”

Since Sodexo has many on-campus services, they need to focus on money management.  With a decrease in enrollment this year, Sodexo has worked to improve efficiency so students don’t realize any cutbacks, Fetterer said.

Labor management, catering services, Meals on Wheels, and reducing food waste are Sodexo’s main efforts to maintain a good budget. The number of workers on a shift and necessity of workers is tracked carefully to prevent understaffing or overstaffing. Sodexo also batch cooks, which means food is made during the meal hours to prevent excess pre-made food and to provide fresh food.  

Sodexo is also hosting special events, such as a Valentine’s Day dinner, to raise some more money for the food services. The dinner costs a meal swipe plus five dollars or just fifteen dollars for anyone who would like to come. The dinner consists of sirloin, chicken parmesan, or vegetarian pasta primavera along with wine for students twenty-one or older. Reservations can be made up until 4:30 p.m. on Feb. 14 by emailing Jacob Fetterer.

“We do care. We really care about what you guys eat and how you feel,” Fetterer said. “Feedback is gold.”