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Patriots win the Super Bowl in OT

by Casey Hupton
Posted on Feb 16, 2017

A fog of mystery loomed over the Cosgrove Cafeteria this past Sunday night as students gathered to watch one of the largest sporting championship of the year, Super Bowl LI.

The Café staff expected to serve around 700 St. Ambrose University students throughout the duration of the Super Bowl party. The party ended up drawing around 850 students in search of food worthy of an event this large.

High demand from last year’s party resulted in the same menu being brought back. Mass quantities of wings, nachos, pizza, fries, and much more were prepared to stifle the hunger of the crowd.

A few people were huge football fans, while others were only watching for the commercials. Regardless of who was watching, every person had a different idea for who they thought would win and why.

“I think the Patriots will win because it is unpatriotic to root against them,” Natalie Johnson, SAU freshman said.

Patrick Redmond, SAU Sophomore, believed the Patriots would win because they have the history to pull off the win.

“I’m indifferent. I think the Patriots will win, but I’d like to see the Falcons take home their first title,” Matt Thole, SAU freshman, said.

Regardless of who they thought would win, they witnessed the 2016 MVP, Matt Ryan, and his Atlanta Falcons take on the legendary duo of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick and their New England Patriots.

The first quarter of the game ended with a stalemate. The mystery of who would win thickened as each minute ticked by.

Once the second quarter rolled around, the Falcons struck for the first time. Deion Jones forced a fumble out of the Patriots starting running back, LeGarrette Blount. The Falcons capitalized on the turnover and scored in 5 plays, covering 71 yards.

Before the Patriots could try and put together a drive, they were shut down in another three-and-out.

In another 5 plays and 62 yards, the Falcons came around for another boost to their lead. At this point, history would say the Falcons had won the game. No team had ever overcome a two-touchdown deficit in the Super Bowl.

The Patriots woke up at this point and began a 52-yard drive towards the end zone. However, Robert Alfred, Falcons’ cornerback, had other plans. Alfred intercepted Brady for an 82-yard pick-six with just under two minutes left in the first half.

With a few seconds left on the clock, Stephen Gostkowski, the Patriots’ kicker, put away a short field goal to end the first half 21-3, Falcons.

The start of the second half was capped off with a three-and-out by both teams.

The Falcons took the field with a new-found energy and scored after multiple-defensive errors, leading 28-3.

Brady saved the second drive after a 15-yard scramble to get a key first down. The drive consisted of 15 plays covering 75 yards. Unfortunately, Gostkowski missed the extra point, leaving the score 28-9, Falcons.

Gostkowski made another costly mistake when he illegally touched the ball on an onside kick attempt at the start of the fourth quarter. He made up for the mistakes by kicking a field goal to make it a two-score game, 28-12, Falcons.

After sacking Matt Ryan, who fumbled, the Patriots kept their momentum, scoring a touchdown and two-point conversion in six plays on their next drive. The score was 28-20, Falcons.

Julio Jones made an incredible catch on the Falcons’ next possession to keep their hopes of scoring alive. A costly holding call ended the drive on the next play.

Julian Edelman had his own chance to make a key play and capitalized perfectly on what some are calling, “the catch of the year.”

At the two-minute warning, the Patriots were down by eight and ready to make their march. The G.O.A.T. stormed down the field in 10 plays and 91 yards to tie the game 28-28.

End of regulation.

The Falcons never had a chance in overtime because the Patriots scored in less than three minutes on an eight-play drive to win it all.

This may be considered the greatest comeback of all time and, perhaps, the best Super Bowl of all time.

What. A. Game.