SAU Buzz

Last one, best one

by Quetzal Morin
Posted on Feb 16, 2017

Winning their last tournament, the Junior Varsity Women’s Bowling team came out with a victory. With many first place wins and upsetting losses, the Bees were able to rise to the top to end their season on a winning note.

The women’s team traveled four hours to the McKendree Baker Challenge with guest coach, Matt Schlueter, who helped the team to victory.

“Since there are a limited amount of tournaments that JV goes to, it was nice to end the season on a good note,” Amber Granzow, St. Ambrose University senior said. “Winning this tournament marked two wins for the JV girls team this year and that is phenomenal.”

The women’s team was very excited to win their last tournament and to be the only Ambrose bowling team to bring back a first place win that weekend.

“At first I did not think it was real,” Jackie Peters, SAU sophomore said, “But it was and I am so happy that I am able to say I have a 1st place win under my belt. I am happy that I was able to win it with these girls.”

The two-day tournament was a lot longer than the girls anticipated. They ended the first day in third place with a score of 7,122. Their high score allowed them to make match play, as the top four teams qualify. The top team bowls against the bottom team, and the second place bowls against the third place team. Each match consists of the best two out of three.

The JV girls won against Lindenwood University, moving on to the final round, where they faced Mckendree University. The Bees defeated the first place team, resulting in victory for the Junior Varsity Women’s bowling team.

“Not only did I end my last tournament with a win, but my very last shot was a strike so that just put the cherry on top of what was already an amazing day,” Granzow said. This was her last tournament as a collegiate bowler.

The Bees won two first place trophies this year and many of the girls have a few years to win more victories. Although the JV girls have had their last tournament, their season is not over. The girls can practice and fill in for spots on the Varsity team.

“I think the team really came together as a whole throughout the season,” Peters said. “Throughout the year you have to make adjustments based on who is going to the tournament and that can be hard, but we work through it and make connections with each other to all, and achieve the same goal and that is to bowl the best we can and getting a victory is the best way to top off all of our hard work.”

Most of the team will continue to bowl for St. Ambrose, while some will graduate and start a new chapter in their life.  

“This victory will be one I always remember,” Granzow said. “To be able to go out my senior year with a win is just spectacular. Both teams we faced in the semifinals and finals were tough competitors but the bond the team made this weekend was stronger.”

With the final score putting them up at first place, the girls were able to come home with the buzz of victory and a brand new trophy.