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Indoor Track & Field teams continue to conquer

by Griffin Rasche
Posted on Feb 16, 2017

No matter the weather condition or time, you will find the indoor track and field teams crushing the clock and the competitors they face.

The Chicagoland Collegiate Athletic Conference Championships for the Fighting Bees is quickly approaching on February 18 in Bourbonnais, IL. This is the first year the CCAC has ever hosted an indoor conference meet since transitioning from the Midwest Collegiate Conference.  

Austin Williams, a junior hurdler and mid-distance runner, says that the team is projected to follow its accomplishments from prior years.

“Our goal every year is to win the conference meet,” Williams said. “We used to dominate the MCC, so it’s a new challenge since we moved to the CCAC.  As far as the conference meet goes it’s really a toss-up between three teams, but we have a good shot to take the title back to Davenport.  We look the best I have ever seen us this early in the year.”

Both teams are in good position to be successful at the meet.  This is the point in their season in which the start to peak performances. Michael Ohioze, a senior sprinter and hurdler, says that if the Bees can compete to their abilities come race day, they’re going to challenge teams for the conference title.

“We have a lot of talented athletes that have qualified and will qualify,” Ohioze said. “We thrive when it comes to competition so the conference meet will be exciting.”

This early in the season, the men and women are ahead of the game with members breaking school records and qualifying for the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics National Tournament.  Currently, the men’s team is ranked 15th in the NAIA and the women’s team is ranked 20th with over 10 members from both teams qualified for the tournament.

Among them is Ohioze, who said that he is a lot further ahead in his performances this season in comparison to his last by breaking two school records.

“It took me to the last track meet before indoor nationals to qualify in the 200m, but this year it's taken me two weeks into the season and I'm now consistently running the qualifying time now,” Ohioze said. “So I'm ecstatic to be better than I am and that ties back into breaking those two records. My aim is to break school records because it puts my name out there and makes a name for myself. I want my name in history. Breaking records always feels good, because it reminds me that my hard work is paying off and that I can keep bettering myself. It also helps me determine where I am in the season, where I want to be and where I want to go.”

Ohioze said that the team is working together and using each other to better themselves.

“I'd say we've come together really well as a team and understand that everyone is an individual, but an individual who is part of the team,” Ohioze said. “It's like every piece in a clock is different but you need every piece for the clock to work and run smoothly.”

Karyn Paisley, a junior and long distance runner, said that the track team will continue to work on achieving personal bests and performing well at meets.

“My distance group that I train in is full of hardworking and positive people, which allows me to fully enjoy and cherish each moment with them,” Paisley said. “We do a great job at cheering on each athlete, even if they are not in our trained event, so our overall team feels like one big supportive family.”