SAU Buzz

The Unsung Teams

by Adam Mayber
Posted on Nov 27, 2016

Intramural sports and campus recreation activities don’t exactly receive the spotlight at St. Ambrose University. That honor tends to go to varsity athletics. The fall season brings the excitement of football, and the transition to winter marks the return of basketball and volleyball.

While students’ attention has naturally gravitated towards varsity athletics, it is time recognize campus recreation for all the hard work they do, from organizing intramural sports to arranging other fun events throughout the semester.

Campus recreation, located on the first floor of Rogalski Center, just past the food court, is responsible for setting up everything from intramural sports, to group fitness classes and club sports.

“We have many different things going on right now,” Evan Ross, marketing student coordinator, said. “The pre-holiday basketball tournament starts the week after Thanksgiving Break, and we have a lot of teams who have signed up for that.”

In addition to the basketball tournament, campus recreation has planned special events during finals week.

“We have what we call stress-relief week, which is a week-long event consisting of fitness classes, a three-point shooting contest, and other fun activities,” Ross said.

This week is very beneficial to students.

“Even just an hour or an hour and a half is beneficial to the student body. Working out is a great way to help relieve stress from studying during finals week,” Ross said.

In addition to the activities during finals week, campus recreation has been busy organizing events for next semester.

“We are planning to host events such as bubble soccer and wheelchair basketball around the end of January,” Ross said. “In addition, we also are planning activities at Snowstar Winter Park, such as skiing, as well as more late-night group fitness events on Fridays and Saturdays.”

For students with busy schedules, campus recreation allows students to participate in events such as group fitness without committing to anything in the future. This allows for students to come and go as they please.

While campus recreation has been planning many fun events throughout this year, there’s even more to get excited about next year. The school now has 12 club sports, up three from last year.

With the new recreation and wellness center slated to open next year, there are even more opportunities for campus recreation looking ahead.

“With a new building currently being constructed, we are working to prepare budgets and are working on buying new equipment as well,” Ross said.

This year, intramural sports have accomplished a lot. SAU intramural flag football team “SAU Crabs” won the campus flag football league. As the winner, they were selected to compete in the NIRSA Regional Flag Football Championships, which took place the last weekend of Oct. The winner of the tournament goes on to the national tournament in Florida.

“The Crabs went 2-2 on the weekend against some tough competition,” Spence Bonner, graduate assistant, said.

For students looking to for a fun way to get involved on campus, or even stay in shape, campus recreation and intramurals are a great way to help. Intramural sports are run through IMLeagues, but stopping by the campus recreation office is a great place to start.