SAU Buzz

Dress Well, Test Well

by Christine La
Posted on Nov 27, 2016

An exceptionally difficult professor to impress once said that students who dress well tend to be more successful. While it may seem far-fetched, there is some truth to it.

Take a moment and think about someone in class who looks very put together on a regular basis. More than likely, this person is doing well in class, too.

“It’s a psychological thing,” Storm Bogs, a St. Ambrose senior, said.

The oh-so-famous “look good, feel good, do good” quote is one that college students are very familiar with.

Students who put more effort in looking presentable give others a perception of themselves as more organized and focused. Even if this wasn’t the case for the student, the mere fact that someone else believes in their ability will push them to live up to the perception.

Just remember, this goes both ways. A student who puts effort in their attire may be pushed to be more successful, and a student who puts little to no effort may not be as motivated.

With finals a few weeks away, take no risks!

"If I have a test and I’m wearing a baggy shirt and sweat pants, which is what I wear when I’m chilling and hanging out, I am not going to be as focused as I could be,” Bogs said. “When I wear sweats, I really don’t care as much. I don’t care about my appearance. That attitude alone does affect my day, and anything important I have going on like a test.”

Bogs is just one of many students on campus who prefer to increase their chances of success on significant days by dressing better. Realistically, it is more about the effort someone puts in an outfit rather than the outfit itself.

“I don’t have to be dressed too nice, but even in jeans and a sweater or flannel, I feel more ready,” Bogs said. “I am more prepared and attentive. I am sitting up and actually paying attention.”

If sweats are the daily go-to for class, wearing something as simple as jeans, khakis or jeggings for a big test day or major project deadline is not only easy, but add mega points for the effort factor. Instead of pairing leggings with a baggy, old t-shirt, opt for a warm knit sweater. Other ways to look more put together can simply be adding staple accessories, like scarves or nice jackets.

“If I look better, I will feel better,” Bogs said. “Therefore, I want to do better.”

 When Bogs really wants to wear something that brings her good vibes, she will rock a dress even in the colder season.

“I like to wear dresses, solely because I don’t have to wear pants,” Bogs said. Dresses are easy and effortless. The best way to approach this bold option is with warm tights, multiple layers, and proper boots.

No matter what the outfit may be, it’s all about the confidence it brings. Do not let the bone chilling weather kill any style spirit. As December rolls around, the finish line for the fall semester is very close. Keep the motivation high with a winning outfit to finish the semester as strong as possible.