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SGA is now under new leadership

by Shelby Scott
Posted on Apr 14, 2016

Spring Student Government Association votes were recently tallied. Ambrose’s student body chose Alex Najda and Jake Godlewski as President and Vice President of SGA.

The victory did not come easily for the duo, as their respective competitors, Bailey Weber and Matt Mahoney, trailed behind them by a mere eighteen points.

Crystal Miller explains what some of the defining differences between the candidates were when she submitted her vote.

“I think having a girl and boy on the board will bring different view points and ideas to campus,” Miller said. “Alex came into my place of work, Whitey’s, to buy ice cream to help promote her campaign. Then she had my vote.“

All candidates had to go through the process of gathering at least thirty supporters to sign their petitions to be in the running for President or Vice President. What came next was a flurry of promotional poster and signs. Yet, it seems that going the extra mile paid off for Najda and Godlewski.

If nothing else, it helped raise awareness amongst students. The class sizes are notoriously small at Ambrose. This has become a great benefit for students as word of mouth is a powerful tool on campus. However, it can be easy to forget that over 3,000 students attend Ambrose. With those types of figures, it’s difficult to imagine why fewer than 400 students chose to vote.

Chris Frain was one of the many students who overlooked the emails from SGA until the option to vote popped up on Blackboard.

“Honestly I didn’t know much about the election, until the day of, but I chose my candidate based on who I thought I could trust to represent me more,” Frain said.

Miller agreed with this statement from her fellow classmate as the emails were not what caught her attention either.

“I first heard about this election by seeing signs around campus,” Miller said.

Representing the student body is not a job that officers and senators take lightly. While SGA is well known for hosting BEE the Difference Day, they schedule events to help stay connected with other students all year. For instance, they also host a Concerns Night on campus where students are encouraged to express any desires they have for change.

Perhaps student involvement and awareness is an issue the new President and Vice President can tackle at the next weekly meeting on Sunday at 8 p.m. in the Gottlieb Conference Room, which is located on the third floor of the Rogalski Center.