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SADD members expand knowledge of destructive decisions

by Abbey Nimrick
Posted on Apr 14, 2016

Students Against Destructive Decisions is a club here at St. Ambrose that was founded last November by Ty McLane after a car accident on Brady Street. There were three young men involved in an accident in which they were hit by a driver who was under the influence. Two of the boys were killed in theaccident and one survived. The students were not from St. Ambrose, but they were friends to many of the students here. Ty McLane gathered his friends and SADD was born.

The club tries to promote safe drinking and safe driving. Although DUIs and binge drinking are a large majority of the destructive decisions made on college campuses, there are many more.

“Since SADD was founded on drinking and driving we want to reach out to a different population, for instance like self harm and even substance abuse,” SADD Logistics Chair Francesco Colella said.

To learn about more of these decisions, two members of the club have been selected to attend a conference in Pittsburgh over the summer. Francesco Colella and Secretary Moira Stephens will be attending the 2016 SADD National Conference on Youth Health and Safety.

The only downside to the conference was the cost. It was going to cost around $2,500 for two attendees. They took their case to the Student Government Association, hoping for a grant. They were given $2,000 and hope to be able to earn the rest of the funds they need through fundraisers.

Throughout the past year, the proceeds that they fundraised have helped with going to Pittsburgh, but mainly they have used the money to benefit a memorial fund that they started for the two teenagers that lost their lives in the car accident.

“We do half court shots at basketball games, volley for a t-shirt, and we had pizza sales,” Colella said.

This past year they also had students pledge to not text and drive in the cafeteria during lunch. They have primarily focused on drinking and driving since they started this club. They hope to learn about more destructive decisions at this conference.

The SADD National Conference is offering over thirty cutting edge workshops to help prepare the next generation of leaders to shape the future and help make the world a better place.

“There will be a lot about mental illness, self harm, texting and driving, and just how to be proactive with these topics on campus,” Stephens said.

SADD focuses on various topics, and they are both very excited to research them and find out what they can do here on campus.

“I’m super pumped to go to Pittsburgh to find out some information on how to proactively and effectively fundraise and expand our chapter to reach a different population,” Colella said.

To join SADD, attend a meeting, held every other Tuesday in the Gottlieb Conference Center.