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Beeswax: Paula McNutt

by Lauren Crew
Posted on Apr 14, 2016

Preparation for the 2016-2017 school year is well underway, and St. Ambrose is ready for some new and exciting changes. Along with a new wellness and recreation center and a new stadium comes a new Dean of Arts and Sciences. Paula McNutt will be joining the SAU staff on July 1.

McNutt previously worked at Carroll College in Helena, Mont., in the same position she will be taking here. Taking a year off in western Pennsylvania has made McNutt eager to come back to work here at SAU.

McNutt has only been on the campus a handful of times, including the recent groundbreaking for the new wellness and recreation center. During her visit on April 7, McNutt had a jam-packed itinerary of meetings and appearances. Even though she was busy, McNutt enjoyed her brief visit to St. Ambrose.

“I love how close knit everyone is here,” McNutt said. “Between the faculty, staff and students, it feels like a family.”

McNutt will not be coming into a completely unfamiliar scenario though, as she has mutual  friends with Theology Professor Matthew Coomber. The two share a history of anthropology and theological studies. McNutt spent a lot of time in the Middle East studying Old Testament era social history. Coomber has a similar background, but he studided economics instead of social history.

Despite the fact that she will not take over the Dean of Arts and Sciences position at St. Ambrose until July, McNutt is eagerly anticipating the opportunity to work with students and faculty when the new school year kicks in.

“I’m ready to help execute any ideas thrown at me,” McNutt said.