SAU Buzz

Students get busy with business

by Amanda Bertolozzi
Posted on Mar 31, 2016

St. Ambrose University is about to get a bit more professional and give students the opportunity to make their dreams come true. On April 12-15, the university is holding its first ever Business Conference, open to college students, high school juniors and seniors and the local community.

Despite its name, the SAU Business Conference isn’t just for business majors. With its main goal to teach students how to survive and thrive in and after college, this is an event all students may want to look into.

“I’m an education major and I still want to attend,” April Hovious said after hearing about the conference. “It includes a lot of information about things I’ll need to know after I graduate.”

The conference features a $10,000 budget and is sponsored by St. Ambrose University’s College of Business and American Family Insurance.

The event will kick off with Big Dream Gathering, an event created by Mitch Matthews. During this event, all attendees have one task, simply to write down their biggest dream. All dreams are valued and attached to the dream wall. Once dreams have been posted, attendees have the chance to comment on each other’s dreams and offer advice or help.

“Having been to several BIG Dream Gatherings, I know what a moving and inspirational event it is,” Rob Rouwenhorst, assistant marketing professor, said. “It is the perfect event for students to connect with each other, faculty, and the community-at-large to make as many dreams come true as we can.”

Following the Big Dream Gathering will be a night designed for local high school juniors and seniors as well as undecided majors. Lecture topics including advice for getting accepted, what to expect as a freshman and deciding on a major are all scheduled for the day.

“The average college student will change his or her major over three times,” Rouwenhorst said. “We need to give students the resources and tools to help them discover their strengths.”

Each lecture will last 30 minutes and the majority will be led by St. Ambrose University professors.

The two final days of the conference will be aimed towards all students at SAU and will discuss topics related to life that students may not ever be exposed to – financial advice to use throughout life, what to look for in buying a home and how to find the right mentor. These topics are considered to be so important that the College of Business is substituting the conference for class on Thursday and Friday.

Plenty of prizes have already been scheduled to be given away as incentive for students to attend. Social media accounts and campaigns for the conference are in the works as well.

Rouwenhorst hopes that 600 people attend the Big Dream Gathering and that the three following days of the event receive a successful turnout as well.

“The goal of the Business Conference is to help as many people as we can achieve their dreams,” Rouwenhorst said. “Two of the best ways to do that are by providing knowledge and connections to others.”