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SGA Elections are in full swing at SAU

by Hannah Blaser
Posted on Mar 31, 2016

It’s election season, and every vote counts—and can be submitted with the click of a mouse on Blackboard. 

Student Government Association is holding its annual elections this month, and voting can be done online via Blackboard. The president and vice president voting day is April 7, and the senator elections are the following week on April 14. 

This year the presidential elections will be Alex Najda and Jake Godlewski against Matthew Mahoney and Bailey Weber. Both running parties hope to implement change across campus.

“We’re looking forward to rethinking how SGA works and change our student government to make a more significant difference in each student's life,” Mahoney said. “We know there are many issues that students have had to ‘deal’ with in the past, and we want to combat those head on and see how we can improve many aspects of our campus.”

Najda and Godlewski agree that campus could stand to see some positive change.

“Jake and I want create a better connection between clubs and SGA,” Najda said. “For example, if a club is hosting a bake sale, we want them to feel comfortable asking SGA for help, even if it’s just tweeting about the event.”

Najda hopes that by giving events more attention, they will attract more people to them. School spirit is also a hot topic for her and Godlewski’s campaign.

“We want to encourage school spirit,” Najda said. “We really want to focus on what the students want from that, because our athletes work really hard.”

SGA is a great way to be involved at the heart of campus, and running to be senator isn’t as daunting as it may seem.

“Any student with at least a 2.25 GPA can run to be a SGA Senator,” Mahoney said. “We’re looking for students who want to make a difference in our campus and will represent their peers well. There are only two main requirements to run for senator: students must fill out a packet with 30 signatures from their respective class, and they must attend two SGA meetings and one committee meeting.”

Being a part of SGA can require some sacrifices though.

“The most demanding part of SGA is probably being willing to sacrifice Sunday nights in order to attend the full senate meeting which on average only take an hour,” Weber said. “The other demanding part would be when it comes down to make decisions on how much money a club will receive or if a club should be recognized as a true club.”

Najda agrees that one of the most difficult aspects of SGA is handling money.

“Remembering to look at each money request on a case by case basis is one of the biggest challenges,” Najda said.

There are also many aspects of SGA that make it all worth it, according to the involved students.

“One thing I didn’t know before I joined Student Government was that some SGA representatives get to play a major role in many events throughout the university,” Mahoney said. “Personally, I’ve been invited to have dinner with Sr. Joan twice and last April was invited to have lunch with the Board of Trustees, the highest governing body for our university. It was an awesome experience with some really good food!”

Weber agrees that being a part of SGA has been a rewarding experience.

“SGA had a big hand in working with administration is establishing the rule changes for Last Blast weekend last year,” Weber said. “And we worked with Sodexo to allow students to have hot to-go meals.”

In spite of the sometimes long meetings, SGA was a fun and engaging club for those involved.

“The current SGA executive board did a wonderful job this year. They were able to keep the Association on track with all the events we put on throughout the year, as well as providing "team bonding" helping the senate as a whole get to know each other,” Weber said. “They brought a lot of energy that gave our meetings a livelier atmosphere.”

If being a part of SGA sounds enticing, talk to a current member about joining, or visit one of their meetings.

“If students are looking for a packet or for meeting times they can email me,” Mahoney said.

SGA meets every Sunday at 8 p.m. in the Gottlieb Conference Room on the third floor of The Rogalski Center.