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Learning lessons in dining etiquette

by Abbey Nimrick
Posted on Mar 31, 2016

The annual Etiquette and Networking Dinner is just around the corner. It’s a one-night event held in the Rogalski Center Ballroom for students of any major to attend. The dinner focuses on business etiquette, teaching all kinds of proper practices for a professional setting. Everyone in attendance will enjoy a four-course fine dining experience provided by Sodexo. If you have a meal plan it’s free to attend, and if not it’s only five dollars for students and sixteen dollars for faculty and staff. There will be a speaker going through a slideshow of what to do and how to act throughout dinner.

This year, St. Ambrose’s Marketing Club is playing a huge role in this event. Although Etiquette Dinner is put on by the Career Center, the Marketing Club is handling all of the promotion. Victoria Worsfold, the main contact for the event, said that the Marketing Club has been busy in preparation for Etiquette Dinner. 

“We have been the ones setting up the emails, making the posters that you see all around campus, we will be at the table for sign up, and we are even sending out press releases so we can get news people there,” Worsfold said.

The Marketing Club has always had a lot of members that attend Etiquette Dinner, making it easier for them to know how to reach out to students and get them to attend. President of the Marketing Club, Maddison Carr has been to this event before and is working hard to promote it. 

“It is a great event. Everything that you overlook before you go into a professional setting is what they are trying to teach us. It really is a great experience and lot of fun,” Carr said.

They are putting a lot of effort into making sure every aspect of the event is being covered. 

“We take care of a lot of the writing and any kind of promoting or copyrighting they need,” Carr said.

They have also created an etiquette quiz in order to get everyone more excited about the event. Out of those who participated in the quiz, one person will be picked randomly for a chance to win a $25 gift card to Biaggi’s. The winner will be announced at the etiquette dinner. 

When the big day finally arrives, the Marketing Club members can sit back and enjoy the event that they worked so hard preparing for. 

Worsfold said, “We will just participate in the event. We will have seven people at our table and then at each table we will have a local business person to network with.”

Having a businessperson at the tables with the students helps make the event even better. 

 “This is another way that we promote the event. If a club sponsors a table and pays the fee for the table, none of the members of the table will have to pay and they will be guaranteed to sit with a local businessperson,” Carr said. 

Not every table will necessarily have a businessperson to network with directly with them. Some tables will be made up of just students. However, offering this to students has played a big role in promoting the dinner. 

“That is a big push that we have to get clubs and organizations to get involved and more aware of the event,” Carr said. 

It’s not just about learning how to eat properly but also about networking. 

“There are a lot of professionals from businesses in the Quad Cities who come and there’s a whole networking session where you get to talk to professions and fellow students about anything and everything,” Carr said.  

The dinner will be held on April 5 from 5-8:00 p.m. Don’t miss your chance to sign up, registration ends on March 30. The Marketing Club will be in the cafeteria two days prior for you to sign up there, or you can make your reservation in the Career Center.