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Career Center holds annual boot camp

by Shelby Scott
Posted on Mar 31, 2016

With new haircuts, ironed suits and freshly printed resumes, St. Ambrose students took advantage of the opportunity to meet with local professionals in the hopes of achieving their career goals.

Members of St. Ambrose’s Career Center hosted Career Boot Camp as a way of helping students prepare for their employment search. The event took place in the Rogalski center Ballroom. Speed mock interviews with local employers was just one of the many options available to students. Along with a professional photo shoot, students were able to utilize the LinkedIn drive-through. Professionals were there to help students launch a LinkedIn profile or critique their current profile.

Kim Matteson, Career Counselor, was pleased with how many students took advantage of this opportunity.

However, before Career Boot Camp can become a success for the students, there need to be employers who are just as interested in the event. Fortunately, that hasn‘t been a problem.

“We have some relationships with some local employees here in the QC and actually outside of the area and some target area like Chicago that typically come on an annual or semi-annual basis,” Matteson said.

After the main event, students were able to eat with the professionals and ask them any lingering questions they might have at a luncheon. Matteson and her team made sure there were bowls filled with questions at the center of each table just in case students weren’t sure what they needed to know. But they weren’t the only ones who had work to do before the big day.

SAU student Michael Heineman understands the importance of planning for an event like Career Boot Camp.

“ I talked to my dad a lot about how resumes should look-a lot of the little details went into the preparation of today,” Heineman said.

One of those little details include picking out attire that meets a professional standard.

“I got to definitely thank my girlfriend who helped me get dressed today. She picked out my outfit,” Heinman said.

Heinman wasn‘t the only one looking for guidance before Career Boot Camp. SAU student Jeyson Senelie also took into account advice from others. He said that his management class discussed Career Boot Camp long before it happened.

Even with all of the work that went into the event, students were thankful for the chance to get ahead of the competition.

“Well you know everyone needs a job,” Senelie said. “You need to make connections and things like that, and this is a good place to come do that. It’s definitely something that St. Ambrose needs to be doing,”

This annual event was packed full, but there are several events like it throughout the year. Call  the Career Center at 563-333-6339 to get more details on upcoming events.