SAU Buzz

Ambrosians head to Utah for an APEX experience

A few members of the SAU Love Your Melon organization were chosen to take part in an exclusive Utah excursion.

SGA Elections are in full swing at SAU

Starting on April 7, students will vote in a new SGA administration. Many of the candidates detail the sacrifices necessary to participate in SGA, as well as their plans for the upcoming school year.

Students get busy with business

SAU will be holding its first annual business conference to teach college students, high school students and community members the skills needed to survive in life after college.

Dance Marathon raises thousands of dollars for the kids

This year, the participants in the annual Dance Marathon raised nearly $200,000 for the kids. During their celebration, a number of activities kept dancers active and excited about making a difference.

Athletes travel for spring break

Instead of spending their spring break on the beach, several of SAU's athletes spent their breaks playing in tournaments.

Queen Bees fall short at national tournament

The women's basketball team was selected for the national basketball tournament for the second time in three years.

SAU dance team takes home first place at nationals

The dance team emerged victorious in a twenty-four team tournament held in Davenport.

Administration enforces safety first for Last Blast

The SAU administration is promoting a fun and safe Last Blast this year, and hopes that there will be a decrease in alcohol-related policy violations.

Learning lessons in dining etiquette

The annual etiquette dinner gives students the opportunity to learn business dining etiquette and network all in one event.

Serving during spring break

Several SAU students chose to spend their weeklong spring break helping those in need.