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Fighting Bee Spotlight: Jamie Schnittker (Volleyball)

test Q&A with SAU Volleyball player, Jamie Schnittker

Softball squad gaining steam at the right time

This season, the Queen Bee softball team took the field with new jerseys and new helmets.

Dance, cheer twist & shout into trophies at Nationals

The sun and sand were the last things on St. Ambrose’s cheer and dance teams’ minds while in sunny Daytona Beach, FL this past week.

Find your greatness and chase it

I didn’t know how to begin this editorial or what exactly to even say and that’s not how you’re supposed to start something like this. Being asked to write a reflection looking back on your four years of college isn’t the easiest thing to do; not from an emotional standpoint but from a “how the hell…

Senior volleyballer changes for the better

Dr. Dre isn’t the only one straight outta Compton.SAU senior Frank Flanagan is also from the notorious section of Los Angeles, CA.

Transfer advice:You don’t know how good it is here

If somebody told me, when I was a senior in high school, that I would graduate from St. Ambrose University, I would have laughed in their face.

SAU provides more than a degree

On average, a college student will change their major at least once throughout the course of their four years. Looking at my roommates, I would say this statistic definitely holds up. But I’m one of the lucky ones. I am not a statistic.

Taquería is a dream come true for cousins

There’s always room for more tacos. From chorizo and egg breakfast tacos in the morning, to the Choco Taco for dessert.

“Seinfeld” and rap: an unlikely match

Jerry Seinfeld is known for many things. He’s well known for his stand up, his iconic sitcom and for driving around in vintage cars with comedian friends on his web series, “Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee.”

Indie band follows the formula

The Mowgli’s have come a long way since they met at school in Southern California back in 2008.